There is - There are 2


Multiple choice test abut there is there are

A multiple choice quiz about there is there are.

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  1. Adam: Is this your study table? ___________ many things on it.
    Tom: Yes, it is. You are right.
    There are
    There is
    There isn’t
    This are

  2. Tom: __________ a mouse on your table?
    Adam: Yes, oh no, no. Where is it?
    Are there
    Is there
    Is this
    There is

  3. Tom: How many pins __________ on the table?
    Adam: I think four.
    is there
    there is
    are there
    there are

  4. Tom: Why __________ a plant on your table?
    Adam: I like plants.
    there are
    are there
    there is
    is there

  5. Tom: _________ anything to drink on the table?
    Adam: No, __________.
    Is there / there isn’t
    There is / there isn’t
    Are there / there is
    There are / there aren’t

  6. Tom: __________ a smart phone on the table?
    Adam: Yes, __________.
    Are there / there are
    Is there / there is
    Is there / there are
    Isn’t there / there isn’t

  7. Tom: How many notebooks __________ on the table?
    Adam: Two. The small one is red and the other one is blue.
    is there
    isn’t there
    are there
    do there

  8. Tom: I think __________ a red folder on the table.
    Adam: Yes, that’s right. __________ a piece of paper on it.
    there are / there is
    are there / is there
    there is / there are
    there is / there is

  9. Tom: __________ any books on the desk?
    Adam: No, _____________.
    Are there / there isn't
    Are there / there aren't
    There is / there isn’t
    There are / there aren’t

  10. Tom: How many pencils __________ on the table?
    Adam: __________ three pencils on the table.
    are there / There is
    is there / There is
    are there / There are
    there is / Are there