The Present Continuous Tense 2


present continuous tense

A multiple choice quiz about the present continuous tense.

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  1. Danielle __________ for the doctor in the hospital.
    is waiting
    is wait
    are waiting

  2. This is Abigail. She __________ on the phone now.
    is talk
    is talking

  3. I __________ in the market at the moment.
    am shop
    am shopping
    is shopping

  4. My grandfather __________ on holiday.
    is going
    is goes
    are going

  5. Mr. Vincent is an English teacher but he _________ Maths now.
    is teach
    is teaching
    is teaches

  6. Victoria _________ her cat at the moment.
    looking for
    is look for
    is looking for
    looks for

  7. She _________ water. She _________ her medicine.
    is drinking / are taking
    isn’t drink / is take
    aren’t drinking / are taking
    isn’t drinking / is taking

  8. My mother _________ home early today. We __________ her.
    is coming / are waiting
    is coming / is waiting
    come / waiting
    is coming / waiting

  9. My father __________ his car now.
    is washing
    is wash

  10. Brian and Alice __________ each other. They __________ on the phone.
    aren’t texting / is talking
    isn’t texting / is talking
    aren’t texting / are talking
    aren’t text / are talk