The Present Continuous Tense 3


present continuous tense
A multiple choice quiz about the present continuous tense.

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  1. Mr. William is an artist. He is _________ now.

  2. My father __________ tennis. He _________ bowling now.
    is playing / are playing
    isn’t play / is play
    is a player / is playing
    isn’t playing / is playing

  3. My parents are in the village now. My father __________ on the ground and my mother _________ on a box.
    is lying / is sitting
    lies / sit
    is lie / is sit
    are lying / are sitting

  4. A: __________ Philip __________ horse now?
    B: Yes, He __________
    Is / ride / is
    Is / riding / is
    Are / riding / is
    Are / rides / are

  5. A: __________ Randy and Marie __________ at the moment?
    A: Yes, they __________.
    Is / dancing / are
    Are / dance / are
    Is / dance / is
    Are / dancing / are

  6. It isn’t sunny. It __________ outside now.
    is rain
    is raining
    are raining

  7. Please be quiet. My father __________ now.
    is sleep
    is sleeping
    are sleeping

  8. Susan is very sad. She is __________.

  9. Theresa and Kayla are in an art gallery. They _________ at modern pictures.
    are looking
    is looking
    are look

  10. They __________ now. They __________ the zoo at the moment.
    aren’t swimming / are visiting
    are swimming / aren’t visit
    isn’t swimming / is visiting
    aren’t swim / are visit