Present Continuous Tense 6


Multiple choice test about the present continuous

A multiple choice quiz about present continuous tense in English.
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  1. Look at there! The house ______________.
    is burn
    is burning
    are burning

  2. Edward __________ backwards from ten.
    is count
    are counting
    are count
    is counting

  3. A: What __________ you __________?
    B: I __________ the tree to pick some apples.
    do / doing / am climbing
    are / doing / am climbing
    are / doing / climb
    is / doing / am climb

  4. Kevin _________ on the trampoline but Alice ___________. She __________.
    is jumping / doesn’t / is crying
    is jump / isn’t / is cry
    is jumping / isn’t / is crying
    is / isn’t jumping / are crying

  5. We __________ some salt to make the salad tastier.
    are adding
    are put
    is pour
    is adding

  6. Russell __________ a well to find fresh and clean water.
    is dig
    are dig
    is digging

  7. My brother __________ his school bag at the moment.
    is pack
    is packing
    am packing
    are packing

  8. Julia and Sue ___________ about their neighbours.
    is complaining
    is complain
    are complaining
    are complain

  9. In this photo, Steve’s friends __________ his 25th birthday. Steve __________ out the candles on the birthday cake.
    is celebrating / is blowing
    are celebrating / is blowing
    are celebrate / is blow
    is celebrating / are blow

  10. Some farmers _________ the seeds in traditional ways these days.
    are planting
    are plant
    is planting