Present Continuous Tense 7

A multiple choice test about present continuous tense

A multiple choice quiz about present continuous tense in English.
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  1. This computer __________ so slow because so many programs _________.
    is work / is run
    is working / are running
    works / runs
    working / are run

  2. My son _________ a shower in the bathroom now.
    is take
    is taking

  3. Their mother __________ the furniture. She __________ the floor.
    is dusting / is wiping
    isn’t dusting / is wiping
    aren’t dusting / are wiping
    dusting / isn’t wiping

  4. Natalie ________ with Dean on the phone. They __________ about their wedding.
    is talk / are discuss
    are talking / are discussing
    talks / discusses
    is talking / are discussing

  5. My English teacher is always __________ me to study for my goals.

  6. Clara ___________ a hotel room for us at the moment.
    is booking
    is search
    are finding
    is look for

  7. My brother is rude and it __________ to annoy me.
    is starting
    is making

  8. Hurry up! Somebody __________.
    is swim
    is drowning
    are swimming
    are drowning

  9. His aunt __________ the floor. She __________ the windows.
    is vacuuming / is clean
    isn’t sweeping / isn’t clean
    sweeping / doesn’t cleans
    is vacuuming / isn’t wiping

  10. We __________ dinner. My father __________ the tomatoes. My mother and my brother ___________ a cake.
    are preparing / is chopping / are making
    are prepare / is chop / is make
    are preparing / is chopping / is making
    prepare / is chopping / made