Present Continuous Tense 8


Multiple choice test about present continuous tense

An online multiple choice quiz about present continuous tense in English.
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  1. The children __________ hide and seek in the park near our house.
    is playing
    are play
    is play
    are playing

  2. A: If you want to learn html and css codes I can help you.
    B: __________ you _________ me?
    Do / kidding
    Are / kidding
    Is / kidding
    Does / kidding

  3. They __________ about the new building.
    are worry
    are worrying
    is worrying

  4. Thomas _________ from his little brother behind the couch.
    is hide
    are hide
    is hiding

  5. My grandparents __________ to stay healthy. They ________ at the moment.
    are exercising / are jogging
    exercises / jog
    are exercise / jogging
    is exercising / are jogging

  6. Annie __________ out her dancing moves inside.
    are work
    is working
    is works

  7. My aunt likes knitting. She __________ a scarf for me now.
    is knit
    is knitting

  8. A: What __________ you __________ on that laptop?
    B: We _________ what we will get for our mother’s birthday party.
    do / doing / are list
    are / doing / are make a list
    are / write / are / listing
    are / writing / are listing

  9. Their daughter __________ efficiently. She _________ just __________ and __________ about skiing on the mountains.
    isn’t studying / is / sitting / dreaming
    isn’t study / is / sitting / dreaming
    doesn’t study / does / sits / dream
    isn’t studying / is / sits / dreams

  10. My father __________ my broken laptop.
    is fix
    is fixing
    are repairing
    is repaired